Farmhouse Cabinet

This cabinet was a pretty ordinary Goodwill find. Nothing much was wrong with it other than basic signs of wear and the fact that it was old and boring, but it was solid wood and had tons of potential. I can’t say enough how much better it is to buy a solid wood piece at a thrift store to update instead of buying a particle board big box store piece of furniture!


At first glance this piece might be considered a “no prep” piece, but that almost never exists. Once I started cleaning it was abundantly clear how disgustingly filthy this piece was. Even if you need to do nothing else before painting, always scrub clean with mineral spirits or TSP (vinegar works great for smelly pieces).

Once my cabinet was clean I painted with a coat of Lazy Linen, including two coats for the interior shelf. Over Lazy Linen (my favorite Country Chic Paint neutral if you didn’t know already) I used Hula Hoop. The two colors are very close and provide a gentle contrast. I distressed with my trusty sanding block to allow some Lazy Linen to show then I sealed with natural wax. New vintage-looking ceramic knobs added a bit of charm to this fantastic neutral farmhouse cabinet.

I may not have professional studio space and my three kids may be playing right behind me as I try to snap these pictures, but that just goes to show anyone can use Country Chic Paint to make something beautiful! Follow @countrychicpaint on Facebook and Instagram for more project ideas.




Supplies used:

mineral spirits

Country Chic Paint Lazy Linen

Country Chic Paint Hula Hoop

Country Chic Paint natural wax

2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Cabinet

  1. What an amazing difference these two Country Chic paints make! I love the subtle shades you chose. This is something I would buy, but wouldn’t have looked twice at it before your restoration.

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