The china cabinet deal you wouldn’t believe if I told you

I was stunned. It couldn’t be real. Of course not. It was a typo. I sent the seller a message asking if the price was correct. She said it was. $25. That’s right, not $225, not $250, not a single missing number. Only $25. I sent my husband to get it. What I was expecting him to bring home was a somewhat thinner cabinet with a damaged drawer and a door with broken hinges missing glass, maybe some kind of water damage or bad scratches on the wood. For $25 that was still a steal. What he brought home was a monstrous, solid wood cabinet in near perfect condition. The door was off but the hinges were perfect…the screws were even included. The glass was pristine. The drawer opened so smoothly it was like new. The wood was polished and entirely unscathed. The ONLY problem was the interior paint job and the warped shelf.

I still can’t believe it every time I wiggle past it in my hallway. $25. I’d have thought $225 was a fair asking price. I sanded the rough edges of the interior paint job around the door opening and lightly sanded off the drips on the trim.

For the interior I mixed a custom dusky navy using Country Chic Paint in Midnight Sky and Liquorice, about 50/50. 2 coats perfectly covered all that intense turquoise and gave it an elegant look worthy of all that lovely detail. I got new shelves cut and stained with Old Barn Milk Paint One Step Stain in Rustic.

I tried selling it with the natural wood but didn’t have any serious takers so I decided to paint. I didn’t have enough of any white so I mixed together what I had left of Country Chic Paint Simplicity and Lazy Linen with General Finishes Antique White. The resulting color was a creamy white without the yellow undertones of Antique White alone and not as stark as Simplicity.

Boho isn’t my typical style but I’ve really admired the work of other furniture painters in that style so I decided to give it a shot. I carefully taped the door and removed the drawer so they would remain the original wood. I rubbed a little natural wax on the details with my finger before painting so I could get a chippy distressed finish without a lot of sanding.

After one coat I had a lot of bleed through from the wood so I sealed with Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat before painting again. Two coats gave me solid coverage with no more bleed through. I distressed the details, loving how the wax resist method turned out.





It didn’t take long for this piece to find a new home with a fresh paint job!


One thought on “The china cabinet deal you wouldn’t believe if I told you

  1. An amazing find that didn’t cost you much in materials, either. I’m glad now has a good home.

    There were some pieces that I saw in Hobby Lobby today that would go great on the walls next to this.

    Their wood and framed décor are one sale 50% off. I love that store!


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