The Gable Table

I’m horrible at picking blog post titles so just excuse my stupid little rhyme…

I saw this table by the dumpster from afar as I was ushering the Twin Tornadoes up the stairs and inside after an errand run and texted TwinDad to bring it up when he got home from work. He’s so incredibly understanding and supportive of my little business and doesn’t complain at all about the hallway hoarding (he’s pretty much the greatest).


The table was solid wood but the finish was cheap, super shiny, and in poor condition. The drawer was missing but I didn’t mind. Instead of building a shelf for the inside or building a new drawer, I decided to take the quick route (you know, with a baby on the way and all I don’t have a ton of spare time) and fashion a faux drawer front with a piece of craft wood from Hobby Lobby and a gorgeous statement knob.

After giving it a good cleaning and roughing up the shiny finish a bit to help the paint adhere a little better, I mixed up some Old Barn Milk Paint in Gable.

Two coats later I had some lovely chipping, especially on the legs. The beauty of milk paint is in never knowing quite what it will do. I sealed with Oil + Wax and this trashed table is saved!




C’mon people…just stop throwing furniture away. It doesn’t take much to fix it up and find a way to make it useful again. Okay maybe you can keep throwing stuff away, just leave it on the curb or outside the dumpster for people like me 😉


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