The Pistol Annie Cabinet

I’ve been wanting to change up our bedside tables for a while. While I’m still searching for the perfect pair, this antique washstand cabinet was a great deal and my husband liked it for his own.


Problem: the previous owner had decided to torch the damaged veneer which left a bunch of charred bubbles. I sanded the top down and removed the damaged veneer from the drawers using a heat gun, putty knife, and a ton of elbow grease.


My husband picked Old Barn Milk Paint Pistol Annie for the body and OBMP One Step Stain in Weathered for the top. I’ve talked about the milk paint before so let me tell you about this stain. I LOVE it. It’s non toxic and is sooooo easy to work with compared to traditional oil-based stain. There’s zero odor and the clean up is a breeze.

With new industrial style handles and brand new drawer bottoms (the old ones were warped and frankly disgusting), this torched washstand is now a masculine nightstand with tons of storage.







One thought on “The Pistol Annie Cabinet

  1. This started out as a really ‘ugly duckling’ but you turned it into a beautiful piece. Are those drawers at the top really shallow, or is it one drawer made to look like two? Can you show it with one of those open and that bottom door on the right opened, too?

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