You can make a bench out of anything

This post is long overdue! With an apartment full of projects, typical summer busy-ness, and preparing for Baby #3, I’ve been falling behind on my posts. Follow me on Instagram @paintedhomegoods to see the short and sweet before and afters of all my projects.

This little bench made from a vintage headboard had been sitting outside the local shop where I sell a lot of my projects for forever. It wasn’t much to look at since it was always covered in other stuff and was falling apart. I got the urge to ask about it one day and decided it was well worth the $10 sale price.


It was super dirty, the legs were missing details (but I had a handful of them to reattach), veneer was peeling off, the “seat” was a warped and poorly sized piece of cheap plywood, and the seat supports were uneven. Still worth the $10? Absolutely.

I tossed the old seat and meticulously glued and clamped the peeling veneer. One side was so badly damaged I completely removed it. The wood underneath just needed a little sanding and some stain to be like new again. Once all the veneer was glued down and the rounded leg details glued back in place, I scrubbed the whole thing with vinegar and a Magic Eraser. This is my favorite sanitizing trick for old furniture; it’s gentle on wood but gets a deep clean that removes any odors. I also rubbed the whole thing down with an eco-friendly (or so it claims) mineral spirits solution. This really dried out the already dry wood making sanding very easy but also very messy. Word to the wise…DO NOT sand in your tiny apartment hallway without proper ventilation!!! You’ll be tasting that grossness in the back of your throat for days.


All clean and freshly sanded this little bench was already looking better! I could finally see the beautiful details in the veneer on the back. I hydrated the wood with a couple coats of Old Barn Milk Paint’s all-natural Hemp Oil. I wanted all products I used on this bench to be completely worry-free since it’s for my Twin Tornadoes and, since I’m pregnant again, I’m extra cautious about the chemicals found in most stains and sealants.

I turned to my dad when it came time to build a new seat. He’s great at figuring out wood working “problems” and coming up with very resourceful solutions. He’s a true craftsman and I knew whatever he came up with would be built to last and beautiful. I wasn’t around to see him in action and get pictures since he got the work done early in the morning while I was still getting the Twin Tornadoes ready for another fun lake vacation day. He found an old stair tread under his house and cut it down to be a perfect fit. Complete with new supports that are more than strong enough for my wild boys, this little piece was finally a real bench.


I stained the seat with Old Barn Milk Paint’s non-toxic One Step Stain in Rustic which was a near perfect match to the rest of the bench. This stain is AMAZING. I used a cheap bristle brush and a lint-free rag to wipe on the odorless stain and only needed one thick coat. I dripped some on my tile floor which would have resulted in a mad dash for mineral spirits if I was using oil-based stain but this wiped right up with a paper towel I had nearby. The little I got on my hands washed right off with soap and water. For the eco-conscious who loves quick and easy I HIGHLY recommend this stain!

After a solid coat of Hemp Oil all over, this repurposed headboard/stair tread bench was ready to be loved by my Twin Tornadoes (and loved it is!)






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