The Mid-Century Cabinet

I may or may not have made us a couple minutes late to church because I couldn’t leave this little cabinet by the dumpster. It wasn’t anything special but it certainly didn’t deserve to be trashed.


The previous owner had attempted a white paint job but it was poorly done and only left the piece looking worse. I sanded the gloppy edges, tightened up the legs, and removed the replacement handles that just didn’t match the mid-century style. I played around with color for a bit before settling on a custom blend of Country Chic Paint’s Midnight Sky and Bliss with just a pinch of Rustic Charm. The result was a unique teal blue. I painted the sides, legs, and remaining unbroken door a creamy white and the interior sides Rustic Charm.

Mid-century pieces always look best true to the era in bold colors with lots of design so I found some very cool retro patterned wallpaper for the sides and interior back. With gold tipped feet and new knobs, this little cabinet was complete.

This post was originally shared as a guest post on the Country Chic Paint blog; visit today to see more project ideas and paint colors!






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