Vintage Waterfall Dresser Refresh

I love waterfall furniture. There’s just something about the curved edges and the Art Deco style handles…

This wasn’t the prettiest waterfall piece I’ve seen but it was certainly the best deal. Sure there was some chipped veneer on the drawers but it’s solid wood and in overall great condition. (I apologize ahead of time for grainy photos; with a new baby on the way I’m trying to not move pieces around too much which means dark, grainy hallway photos for blogging!)


After removing the sort of blah wooden handles, patching the damages on the drawers, and sanding, I was ready to paint. I went with Country Chic Paint’s limited edition color Hula Hoop; it’s a warm greige that will work with any decor style. After two coats I lightly distressed and finished up with gray wax to darken the color just a touch and add interest to the edges.

With new era-appropriate detailed cup pulls this beauty is ready to find a new forever home! I’m really digging this Hula Hoop color too; it’s neutral enough to blend with pretty much any decor without being boring.

This post was originally shared on the Country Chic Paint blog as a guest posts. Click here to see other project ideas!





2 thoughts on “Vintage Waterfall Dresser Refresh

  1. I tried finding your shop on Etsy, both by clicking on your link, & by typing in your shop name, & came up blank both ways. Are you no longer selling through Etsy? Etsy?


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