Old Barn Milk Paint Buffet Makeover

This was the most expensive piece of furniture I’ve ever bought. Maybe that’s saying something because it was a really good deal for a vintage solid wood buffet in perfect condition…and I got free delivery thrown in. I’ve never tackled a piece this big but was excited to modernize the dated look.


Thankfully my dad was in town to help figure out how to remove the top to take off the odd brass decorative backing. I also removed the brass handles that just didn’t fit the style of the buffet. (I always sell the hardware I don’t use so other refurbishers can find what they need at a good price; check my Etsy shop for sales!) I patched the holes from removing these and got to work painting.

I mixed a custom blend of Old Barn Milk Paint using about 50/50 Weathervane and Chesterfield. My first coat had a little more Weathervane and the second had a little more Chesterfield which gave some depth to the otherwise fairly plain style. The milk paint did what milk paint does and I just went with it. The end result was a perfectly chippy finish that wasn’t too dramatic as it was mostly around the door and drawer edges and the top. I used a gray tinted clear wax to seal, applying two coats to the top and drawer fronts for extra protection.

I debated about handles. I had some gorgeous Hepplewhite style vintage brass handles in my stash but they just didn’t look quite right with the sort of beachy, modern paint finish so I went with a classic white ceramic knob. Much better! I covered the gross brown felt drawer liners with a modern paper I ordered from Spoonflower for my MCM credenza.







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