The Farmstead Cabinet

I picked this little antique music cabinet up from the same place I got my mid-century credenza. It was just too cute and too good of a deal to leave behind.


As with most antique pieces, it wasn’t in the greatest shape, but it was so much better than most pieces I work with. After a thorough cleaning and some sanding to make the door work more smoothly, I mixed up some Old Barn Milk Paint in “Farmstead” and got to the fun part.

See my post here all about working with milk paint. I enjoyed working with this brand so much and raved so much that I was made a brand rep! I’m excited to continue working with OBMP and sharing my experiences with you. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Farmstead is such a fun and unique color, a bluish-green blend that reminds me of the patina on aged copper. The truly unique colors are one of my favorite things about OBMP (seriously, there are so many shades of “white” which I think is important since it can be difficult to find just the right shade to go with your home and decor. If you’ve ever tried to pick white paint for your walls or trim you’ll understand the dilemma). I only used one coat for this cabinet because I had such great coverage and I liked the slightly streaky, imperfect look for this piece.

painting in my front “foyer” today

As it dried the paint started to chip everywhere but the top. I distressed the top a bit then just wiped my sandpaper lightly over the rest and watched the chippy magic happen. I’ve never seen milk paint chip on a piece before and I was absolutely giddy. I’ve tried to re-create the look before but it’s just nothing like the real thing. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when distressing and leave lines. Using a rough scrubbing sponge in circular motions works too.

I sealed with OBMP’s Oil + Wax blend. The mixture is so easy to apply since it’s much thinner than Hemp Oil or paste wax. The seedy, earthy smell may not be for everyone but I liked it. It gave the piece just the tiniest sheen and didn’t alter the color.

With a pretty antique brass knob from my stash, this sweet little cabinet has a completely new look and a chance to find a new home (if it doesn’t end up staying with me!)

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