Antique Buffet Makeover with Old Barn Milk Paint

I about lost it when I found this buffet on OfferUp. It was gorgeous, unique, and VERY reasonably priced so I snatched it up. Free delivery, too! While it was beautiful it was also old and needed some work starting with a good cleaning.


Usually I scrub my pieces with some all-purpose all-natural cleaner before painting, but this one needed some extra scrubbing. I got a pack of heavy duty Magic Erasers and some white vinegar (a gentle disinfectant that removes any odors) and got to work. 3 absolutely destroyed Magic Erasers later the buffet was bright and fresh and cleaner than it’s probably ever been before.


The middle doors needed some wood glue and tightened hinges and the bottom drawer needed a whole new bottom which was surprisingly easy. Simply remove any old nails, slide the old bottom out, measure and cut a piece of thin plywood to fit, slide and nail in place.

I did have to sand the edges of the doors and drawers quite a bit and hydrate them with mineral oil to get everything working smoothly again. Wood changes over time and with wear so sanding for a better fit is a very common and easy fix for drawers that don’t slide well or that get stuck. Look for signs of wear to target problem areas (scratches or gouges in the wood, specific spots that get stuck, etc).

Finally I was ready to paint. I recently received a sample of Old Barn Milk Paint and the color “Silo” was exactly what I wanted for this buffet. I’ll write a follow-up post soon about what I learned using this milk paint, but for now I’ll just say I mixed my paint and got to work. After 2 coats (3 on the top and drawers) I distressed and sealed with Old Barn Milk Paint’s Hemp Oil which was simple to use and had a nice earthy scent. I love knowing that these products are all-natural and even food safe; as a mom it’s important to me not to have to worry about the products my children come in contact with and their safety.


I still need to replace the handles on the bottom drawer to something less clunky, but for now this buffet makes a lovely tv stand with tons of storage. Watch for my next post for more information about Old Barn Milk Paint!



I added a little antiquing dust from Country Chic Paint (Willow) around the details



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