Jitterbug Bench

This sad little piano bench was only $5 at Goodwill. It had wobbly legs and a very beaten up top, but even the ugliest pieces still have potential (especially if there’s bonus storage!). I knew I wanted to turn this into an upholstered bench for an entry way and I wanted a bold, retro look. Country Chic Paint’s All-in-one paint Limited Edition color Jitterbug was the perfect color to pair with my clearance scrap of HGTV Home vintage yellow floral fabric.

After only one coat of paint this bench was revived and modernized. Country Chic Paint’s short handled paint brush is the ideal tool for all painting jobs; the paint brushes on smooth, even, and very quickly which, as a mom to twin toddlers, is essential. I let my paint dry for 24 hours (the Twin Tornadoes were up from their nap so project-time was over for the day) before applying Natural Wax. This is by far my favorite wax finish for painted furniture. It’s so easy to apply and gives a soft sheen.

Using Krylon “Easy Tack” spray adhesive, I secured the foam cushion to the bench top, wrapped it in quilt batting for a smooth finish under the fabric, and stapled my fabric using my handy-dandy electric staple gun. For a finished look and to avoid fraying, be sure to fold the ends of the fabric under before stapling.


I tightened up the legs, added new hinges since the old ones were bent, and voila! This discarded piece was given a new lease on life as a retro chic entry way bench. This post was originally shared on Country Chic Paint’s blog; visit their website to see all their products and more tutorials.





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