Chippy Dresser

I absolutely fell in love when I first saw this dresser. Anything with detailed legs, original casters, and soft edges usually calls to me. It needed a little work on the outside but the drawers were pristine which is a huge plus.

I sanded the areas where the old finish was flaking with a medium grit sandpaper then smoothed with a finer grit. Once everything was scrubbed clean, I brushed on a layer of shellac to stop any further flaking and to give the paint a smooth surface to adhere to.

Gray is a go-to color for me and I’ve used it on most of the painted furniture around my house. Country Chic Paint’s “Pebble Beach” is a soft, light gray and was perfect for this sweet dresser. After only 2 coats I was ready to distress. I used a paint scraper around the edges to achieve a chippy look and followed up with sandpaper for more control smoothing the distressed areas. Some of the patches on the front were a bit too stark for my liking so I dry brushed a little more “Pebble Beach” over those for a softer look.

After letting the paint dry for 24 hours, I gave it a good coat of Country Chic’s Natural Wax. While the wax was still tacky, I applied a very light brushing of Antiquing Dust in “Willow” in the details, especially near the legs. This added just a little more dimension and accented the details really well!


With new white knobs and a floral paper drawer liner, this beauty was finished!

This post was originally published as a guest post on Country Chic Paint’s blog: Visit their website for product information and other project ideas!



this is one area I dry brushed over some serious distressing







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