Antique Sideboard Refresh

When I first saw this antique sideboard at Goodwill I’m pretty sure I gasped. Why anyone would just donate something so beautiful was beyond me. It wasn’t 50% off day but I had to have it. No repairs were needed, the drawers were absolutely perfect, all the original hardware was there, and did you see those details?


I chose General Finishes Milk Paint in Antique White for this project. I trust the General Finishes quality and the color is the perfect white…bright without being stark and cold. Using my highest quality brush (the Country Chic short handled brush), I got to work. Usually I use cheap craft store brushes but I might have to change my ways. This brush made my job so much easier as it gave a smoother finish and covered so much surface at once (speed is something a mom of twin toddlers who can only paint during naptime needs).

After 4 coats I’d only used maybe half the pint. I was expecting to use almost the entire thing so I’m thrilled to have enough left over to tackle at least one more big project! When my last coat was completely dry, I very lightly brushed some thinned antique wax over the details, working in small sections and immediately wiping down with a damp cloth. I lightly distressed with a bit of medium grit sandpaper and was done.


How gorgeous is this? Check out those cool, divided drawers! This beauty found a new home within a week.






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