Trashed Bar Cart Makeover

The back of my van was just about filled with a gorgeous antique sideboard when I stopped to pick this little guy up from the apartment complex dumpster. It may have been a cheap and boring kitchen cart then but I knew I could make it something fabulous.

trying out some new watermark-adding programs

After some very minor repairs that included tightening of screws, removal of the boring drawer handle and the one remaining door, patching of a corner that had been scratched by a pet, and pulling out the cheap and broken casters I was ready to get to work.

It’s COLD here and I didn’t feel much like going outside to sand down the top so I gave the entire cart a coat of shellac to help new paint stick and faked a new stain on the top by layering chalk paint and gel stain. I’ve mentioned this technique a few times before so I’ll just give a quick run down. Paint your surface with a neutral beige paint (FolkArt “Castle” is my go-to) then, once dry, add gel stain on top (I use CraftSmart “Walnut”). Be sure not to over-brush while keeping the strokes very straight and even.

The base I painted with Country Chic Paint in “Midnight Sky”. As part of their January promotion I got 4 oz. free and it was more than enough to paint 2-3 coats. Let me just take a moment to say how much I LOVE this color. It’s no ordinary navy and dries with a bit more of a matte cobalt look. It’s modern and bold without being over the top.

With brand new casters and new white and gold geometric knobs, this bar cart is ready to find a new home! That old door didn’t go to waste…follow me on Instagram @paintedhomegoods to see what I did with it!






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