7 Colors, 1 Brush, and a Paint Scraper

Project pieces seemed to disappear during the holidays. After New Years I ventured onto the Facebook marketplace and found a treasure trove. Only one of my inquiries received a response and, though most of her fantastic pieces had already sold, I scored this dingy little dresser.


Other than a nice layer of good old fashioned barn dirt, unoriginal and missing handles, and some pretty gross old drawer liners, there wasn’t much wrong with this dresser. The oak underneath the dirty, chipping paint was solid and the original casters still worked. Just my kind of project. As soon as we loaded it up we ran to Goodwill “just to look around” and came home with a masterpiece…but more on that in a later post!

I’ve been wanting to broaden my style horizons for a while and switch things up a bit. This dresser was the perfect canvas for something totally new. I pulled out 7 paint colors and 1 brush and got to work. Each coat went on one right after the other, blending colors into a lovely, textured finish.

First coat: Folk Art “Glacier” blue chalk paint all over (leaving some of the original white paint with chippiness showing)

Second coat: Country Chic Paint “Hurricane” all over (imperfect coverage to let some of the blue and white show)

Third coat: Martha Stewart Chalk Paint “Parisian Blue” over most of the dresser. I wanted the darker “Hurricane” to show, especially around edges.

Fourth coat: Folk Art Milk Paint “Monument Gray” very sparsely in splotches, focusing on the drawers where I wanted the most detail. This gray was more of a warm tone than my other colors.

Fifth coat: DecoArt “Vintage” chalk paint very sparsely in splotches, focusing on drawers and the sides. This is sort of a chameleon color and can look more blue, gray, or minty green depending on what it is paired with. On my dresser it looked very minty so I used it just as a haphazard accent. I was skeptical about it until I saw the finished product.

Sixth coat: Rustoleum Chalked Paint “Country Gray” blended 50/50 with water all over. I used this more as a wash, wiping away excess with a lint-free cloth immediately after painting. Some areas, like the top, I used more for a smoother, more blended look.

Seventh coat: ArtMinds “Simply White” chalk paint, very lightly around edges, details, drawers, and top as a highlight accent color.

The final step was distressing. To keep with the “old world” aged look I was going for, I used a paint scraper to give a chippy finish. The same rules as sandpaper distressing apply: focus on edges and areas that would naturally receive more wear over time.

I love the final product. Depending on how it’s styled it can be French Country, beachy, primitive, or vintage farmhouse. The new white knobs add a bit of a modern flair, too, with their geometric shape. The light changes how blue or gray it looks.








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