Vintage Dresser updated with Country Chic Paint Hurricane

I loved this little vintage dresser from the moment I saw it at Goodwill. I waited for 50% off day and went back for a much better deal. Some of the handles were broken but that was no issue since I wanted to change them anyway. Minimal work was needed to patch chipped veneer; it was going to be an easy fix.

I apologize for the grainy photo…I’m never patient enough to hold off working on a project to get a decent picture

Not so much. The veneer damage was more than I expected. Still not difficult, just more time consuming to patch and sand and clean and repeat. Just a note…a little detail sander used in a tight apartment hallway will produce enough dust to set off a smoke alarm. Proper ventilation is important!

I wanted a sleek more modern look to this dresser so I went with Country Chic Paint in Hurricane. I received this color as a free sample a while back and used it for multiple projects (cedar chest, Saltwash dresser, and vintage bench). When I ran out I went right to my local retailer and bought more! It’s a blue-gray that works well with modern and vintage decor and I thought it would be perfect for this dresser.

After 3 thin coats of paint I sealed with clear wax and lightly distressed. The original top knobs stayed but the rest I updated with vintage-style white crackle knobs. Even though the drawers were very clean, I lined the top with this cute bicycle paper just for fun. Now this cast-off dresser is a classic statement piece.










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