Make New Wood Look Old with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint: Vintage Table Makeover

I didn’t get a proper “before” picture of this table. When I found it at Goodwill it had some sort of weird makeshift painted metal basin in place of a proper tabletop. I liked the legs and the price. It fit in the van so we took it home. I wanted to make this table beautiful again. I wanted it to be rustic and weathered and farmhouse-y. I wanted to make it a statement piece for someone’s home instead of a weird cast-off.

of course I didn’t get a picture of the weird metal “basin”…

A weathered wood planked top was the perfect compliment to this vintage table base. I got two pieces of white pine board cut to make 4 thick planks (just under $9 a board at Lowe’s). Once those were properly attached I sanded by hand and with my random orbital sander to make sure the planks were smooth and even. I brushed on a decent coat of Minwax Jacobean penetrating stain. While this was the PERFECT stain for my coffee table, it was far too dark on the new pine.

I didn’t have time to fix it right away since the Twin Tornadoes were up from their nap and it was time to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I decided to leave the stain alone and just get over my disappointment that my vision didn’t match up to reality. Recently I received a couple free samples of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and I wanted to try out the Farmhouse White on the table base. I’ve loved following Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and her work is so inspirational for me. She’s written some really simple and comprehensive posts about what milk paint is and how to use it that I definitely recommend to anyone with questions.

MMSMP comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with water. Seems simple, right? It is…if you’re good at following directions. There’s a reason I’m not much of a baker; measuring exactly isn’t my forte. I mixed the paint far too thin and didn’t have any more to thicken it up. Before I could be frustrated, I brushed a little on the stained underside of the planks to see how it looked…and it was FANTASTIC. I thinned the paint just a little more to make a thin wash and brushed it lightly over the stained planks. Whenever the paint seemed a little too thick I dipped my brush in plain water and brushed through the paint, spreading it thinner. Make sure not to wet wood too much since it can cause the wood to warp. The result was better than I could have imagined. I finished the top off with General Finishes Top Coat, a matte finish that I’ve used on all my tabletops and love.

I love the rustic look of this pine!


While I was still disappointed I couldn’t use MMSMP Farmhouse White on the base, I did have other white chalk paints on hand. After two coats and a lot of distressing, the base was complete. I’m absolutely in love with this table. Add some casters and this would make a gorgeous island for a farmhouse kitchen! Photographing this table in dying evening light in our little apartment doesn’t do it justice so I grabbed a quick picture after bringing it into the shop that’s a little better.






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