Mid-Century Chair Refresh

At first glance this little chair isn’t much to look at. The frame has seen better days and that fabric is pretty gross. For only $7.50 I couldn’t resist.


I first stripped the trim then painted the frame bright white. Reupholstering can seem really scary, but it’s actually simple with the right tools! I used tissue paper to make a pattern of the upholstered parts in order to cut new fabric the right size. After pulling what seemed like 5000 old staples from the old upholstery, I laid the new fabric on top and stapled with my handy-dandy electric staple gun.

It’s important to keep fabric straight and tight when upholstering. Start with one side to anchor the fabric, then pull tight and staple the opposite side. Always start in the middle of the fabric and work your way around the edges, keeping everything smooth and taut. When everything was stapled, I trimmed the excess and hot glued the trim over the edges and staples. I’d recommend a low temperature mini hot glue gun to protect the delicate trim.


Just like that, this little chair is bright, modern, and cute as can be!



would this chair not be cute in a kids’ room?

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