Vintage Cane Back Chair Rescue

As TwinDad and I were loading the van with art fair furniture, finally emptying our hallway, I spotted this chair sitting by the dumpster. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it…except for the ugly fabric. I love quick makeovers.


First we had to rip off all that bad fabric then the original fabric and trim from the arms so I could properly re-cover. The bare frame was ready to paint! After two coats of CraftSmart “Silver Gray” chalk paint, the chair already looked better. To get the aged look I wanted, I didn’t fully cover the cane back.


While I could have turned to my fabric stash I decided instead to use a canvas drop cloth. I LOVE drop cloths. They’re cheap, durable, and actually look fantastic as upholstery, pillows, curtains, etc. Before using your drop cloth for any project give it a good wash with fabric softener. After washing and drying, brush off the lint that’s bound to appear (and get EVERYWHERE). Trust me, the money you save is worth the extra prep time!

Using my handy-dandy electric staple gun, I recovered the seat and the arms in under 10 minutes. The trim I found at Target’s “Dollar Spot” and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. For only $2 I got plenty for the arms and a little extra for other projects. Using a strong super glue, I wrapped the trim around the arms twice. This requires a lot of patience and care. Other trims might have been much easier to use, but I really like the look of this one.



Just like that, this chair goes from an ugly cast off to a stunning statement piece. Even though I’d love to keep it, I sent this one to the shop to find a new home. My Twin Tornadoes would kick a foot through the cane back in no time!






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