A Quick Coffee Table Makeover

The coffee table I’m tackling now as an addition to my upcoming art fair collection has been around almost as long as I have (maybe longer…I’d have to ask my mom). I’m suddenly feeling sentimental about it for some reason and decided to include some old family pictures. This is where we always had our Christmas Eve snacks and quite a few birthday cakes. (I’m the one brunette in a family of blondes).


Anyway. It’s been replaced in my parents’ home and isn’t wanted/needed in any of the siblings’ homes so it’s come to me for a makeover. For having been the main coffee table in a home with five kids, this thing is in great shape. All it needed was a little cleaning and some paint. I went with a very simple palette that could be either shabby chic or vintage farmhouse. I painted the base FolkArt “Sheepskin”, the perfect ivory white, and the top I painted my go-to gray, Rustoleum Chalked “Country Gray”. With just a little distressing and a clear wax finish, this little table is ready to find a new home.




2 thoughts on “A Quick Coffee Table Makeover

  1. Did you strip the table first? I have an almost identical table and am wondering if I can just paint it, or need to strip and condition the wood first…


    1. I didn’t do any prep but some cleaning for this table. It was in pretty good shape and I was using chalk paint which doesn’t typically require much prep work. If your table has any old finishes that are chipping or any sort of sticky residue I’d recommend sanding first.


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