I said I wanted to make this post a regular thing and so far I haven’t quite done that. I promise I really will try. Here I am again to show how I upcycled a few thrifted finds into unique home decor!


While my latest Goodwill trip didn’t result in a huge haul, I was very happy with the few items I found. It may look crusty and old, but the chalkboard wall organizer still had a $40 TJMaxx Home Goods sticker on it (I paid $6). A fresh coat of chalkboard paint and some dry-brushed white and gray over the green instantly freshened it up to a modern farmhouse/rustic message board.



If you’re into farmhouse decor like I am you’ve probably seen large round galvanized metal trays EVERYWHERE. You’ll also know they’re not cheap. For only $4 and a little work, this yellow tray transformed. I used Krylon hammered silver spray paint for the base coat. Once this dried, I used a wax brush and very carefully dry brushed matte black paint over the whole tray, letting it settle into some of the grooves around the edge. I did the same with a tiny bit of dark wax. To blend in the middle, I brushed on a little white wax until everything smoothed out. This gives it an aged look that I just love.

the white pitcher was also a thrift store find!



The white pot was $5, more than I’d usually spend, but I kept going back to it and really liked it. I decided to try out FolkArt’s new “Painted Effects” concrete paint. There’s a grainy texture to the paint that does mimic a concrete finish, but it alone wasn’t quite working for me. I brushed on some lighter gray chalk paint and used sandpaper to smooth out the bigger clumps and let some of the white show through. This isn’t my favorite transformation, but it does look nice paired with a preserved boxwood sphere I found on clearance at Target. I might try something different later on, but this is it for now.





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