Football Fan TV stand makeover

I’m proud of TwinDad. He saw a piece of furniture by the dumpster, stopped to assess the project potential, and brought it home to me. It was just a little tv stand with a couple broken doors (not the kind of thing I usually get excited about) but it was decent wood and everyone needs a tv stand of some sort at some point. Plus it’s free so, as I always say, even $5 is a profit.

One door was already missing and I literally broke off the other just by opening it

Now anyone who knows me will know I am not much of a professional sports fan. College basketball and most Olympic events are about as sportsy as I get. It’s football season (or so they tell me) and basically every single other American out there cares. A lot. Football, wings, beer, and big tvs are what the season is all about. What do big football playing tvs need? A solid stand. What does every football fan appreciate? Showing team loyalty through merchandise. Bingo.

Since the Bengals are Cincinnati’s team and I’m in the general area I decided to do a Bengals themed makeover. First I patched the holes left by the cheap plastic hardware that poorly attached the doors and gave the whole stand a good cleaning.

Even though it was already black it was a scratched up, cheap looking shiny black so I gave a fresh new coat of matte black chalk paint (ArtMinds “Onyx” to be exact). I painted the inside cubbies FolkArt “Monarch”, the perfect orange. Some oranges can be too bright, too coral, or too “burnt” but not this one! On the top I stenciled “Bengals” very carefully to be sure to keep crisp edges. Once the orange paint inside dried I added black stripes to the back panel. It still doesn’t excite me like a rescued antique with a modern farmhouse refresh would, but it’s not too shabby and it’s attracted the attention of a lot of interested buyers. Go team.






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