Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table Makeover

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a new coffee table! It’s more my style and a much better size for our small living room; it just needed some work.

For a thrift store coffee table, it wasn’t in too bad shape minus the few scratches in the finish. I painted the base with my free sample of Rustoleum’s Chalked paint in “Country Gray”. This is one of my new favorite colors (you can read more about my thoughts on Rustoleum’s paint here). It dried quickly and I distressed the edges. Time to tackle the top.

Sanding a table down to bare wood in midday heat outside on the balcony isn’t pleasant, even if your orbital sander does make the job go quicker. Once I had it cleaned up, I started staining. My Minwax “Weathered Oak” stain wasn’t quite as dark as I wanted even if it did give a nice weathered look with hints of gray. I gave it one coat of Minwax “Jacobean”, let it sit for about 8 minutes, then wiped off the excess with a cloth. Much better.

After this dried overnight, I applied 3 coats of General Finishes High Performance Satin topcoat. I prefer this to satin finish polyurethane because it dries quicker, has less of a smell, and gives a matte finish rather than a shiny one.


It may not be perfect, but that’s all part of the rustic “modern farmhouse” look I wanted. The smaller coffee table makes the room seem so much bigger and gives the Twin Tornadoes more room to run around and ride their little train.


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