Liquor Cabinet Refresh and Rustoleum “Chalked” Paint Review

Rustoleum recently sent me a sample of their “Chalked” paint in Country Gray and I finally got a chance to try it out. I’ll give a review based on my honest opinion and will continue to share as I keep using the paint. I loved it immediately and can’t wait to use it on more upcoming projects!

While I have a few projects in the works, today I’m focusing on a personal one. TwinDad has always admired this piece and was gifted it by my parents. It needed a bit of a style refresh and I let him be in charge. He wanted a neutral gray with a bit of a personalized touch for a future home office/library.


First, my thoughts on Rustoleum’s paint:

It. Is. Lovely. While it is a little thinner than other chalk paints, it still has the benefits of quick, complete coverage that dries fast. It paints on incredibly smooth (smoother than any I’ve used before) and distresses SO easily. The higher price and slim color selection may, however, deter some potential buyers. The quart will go a long way and the quality is definitely worth it so, if you’re looking for one of the colors Rustoleum offers, I’d recommend it.

FullSizeRender (36)

After two coats of Country Gray and a light distressing (a few swift wipes of sandpaper was all it took) I stenciled a laurel wreath with white paint. Since I didn’t have an “F” stencil large enough, I printed one and cut it out to make my own. Painter’s tape helps hold it in place and very small amounts of paint on the brush help keep the lines neat. Once it dried, I lightly distressed the edges to soften the lines and give it a worn look.

A solid coat of clear wax buffed to a light sheen was the final touch. TwinDad is quite pleased with his personalized cabinet (though maybe not so pleased with the mini photoshoot I put him through!)




I can’t get over how much I love this color. My new favorite gray!


4 thoughts on “Liquor Cabinet Refresh and Rustoleum “Chalked” Paint Review

  1. Wow! I was checking Pinterest for this particular gray (I just purchased it at Menards for my bottom kitchen cabinets and wanted to see it in action), it really makes the natural wood tones inside pop!


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