Antique Flea Market Fun

A few Sundays ago TwinDad and I got a sitter for the Twin Tornadoes and went to the antique fair. Last time we went with the twins and had to rush because it was hot and they were bored (also, repeatedly being lathered with sunscreen doesn’t seem to appeal to wiggly toddlers). I was looking forward to meandering more slowly and seeing all the pretty things.

I meant to take more pictures but didn’t. Oh well. I was too busy drooling over the antique library card catalogue cabinets and the type trays and the crusty old metal baskets and the chippy white corbels. It’s a magical wonderland of goodies!

I absolutely LOVED this fireplace mantel (and all the cast iron fireplace surrounds and summer covers) and wanted so badly to take it home along with the GIANT wooden barn door. If only there were a smidgen of space somewhere in our apartment…


A lot of the furniture was either really rustic/primitive or 1800s dressers that looked more like reproductions. Some pieces were gorgeous originals, some painted, some in need of TLC. TwinDad has a thing for very ornate desks and found some secretary desks as well as some neat cast iron bookends.

Near the end of the day as sellers were starting to pack up to escape the heat, I found an antique china cabinet. With original glass. With detailed scrollwork. With great bones. With all the shelves. With a seller willing to negotiate on an already steal of a price. It came home with us. Stay tuned for the makeover!

Check out the local flea markets and antique fairs near you! It can be a fun family outing if you’re sure to bring water and sunscreen (and don’t forget yourself when lathering up the kids…my mistake our first trip). Even if you don’t intend to buy it’s fun to see everyone else’s projects and to introduce your kids to days gone by through the furniture and toys and equipment that survive. After looking back over these pictures I can’t wait to go again!


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