A Sunny Vintage Side Table


This little vintage side table had been passed over time and again at Goodwill. There wasn’t a thing wrong with it except for a little discoloration on the top which paint will fix. There was even a really nice pull out drawer inside. For only $7.50 how could I not take it home?

Classic white, bold teal, modern gray…there were so many options. But I decided to go with one of my new favorite colors, “Summer Porch” by FolkArt. I received this color as part of a promotional gift in exchange for my honest review. Here it is!

I love how sunny and happy this color is. It’s a subtle pop of color since it’s more of a butter than lemon that goes with modern and vintage styles. Wanting to modernize a very dated vintage piece, “Summer Porch” seemed to be the perfect color. All it took was 2 coats to get great coverage. It dries quickly, paints evenly, and covers completely. I haven’t had trouble with FolkArt chalk paints drying out in the can and getting gloppy like I have with some other brands. My one complaint is the size of the bottle opening; it’s difficult to get a brush larger than 1″ inside which is frustrating when trying to paint a larger piece of furniture.

Complete with a painted and lined drawer, this little end table is brightened up and sure not to be passed over anymore! I kept the original handles; they look like flowers and seem to go well with the hippie vibe I get from this table. Within just a couple days I had a buyer…one more piece off to a good home!

FullSizeRender (33)



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