Small Apartment Living: Part Three (Managing Toy Clutter)

Small Apartment Living

Part 1 tackled my pantry (which has evolved quite a bit since then) and Part 2 tackled the second bedroom changes to make room for twins (the TwinTornadoes’ room has also evolved quite a bit since then). Now for part 3! As the twins have grown so has their toy collection. We went from one small bin to a large crate to 2 medium baskets plus the crate for stuffed animals to one large rolling toy basket plus a basket for books and a bag of blocks and the crate still full of stuffed animals. Things have gotten out of hand and my neat and orderly self is going nuts.

While things may not be as neat and organized as I would like, there are still solutions for small living spaces! I searched around for the best deal and read reviews regarding sturdiness before picking Target’s cubby shelf. The gray color is a nice sort of weathered looking wood tone that blends with my decor very nicely. It won’t show marks like the white would and MDF composite material is pretty hardy (though I tend to prefer real wood). Target’s new kids’ line, Pillowfort, is not only adorable but also great for storage solutions. I found some nice canvas baskets that are easy for the boys to slide in and out of the cubbies.

To add even more stability (and to keep the twins from crawling through) I had a piece of wood plank look hardboard cut and attached it to the back. The backing makes it look more like a piece of furniture than just a plain set of cubbies.

These shelves are a great option for any home due to their versatility. Store records in a music room, use as a bookshelf, add bun feet and a counter top for a great craft room centerpiece with awesome storage, add baskets and rolled towels for additional bathroom storage, etc.

FullSizeRender (22)


It also makes a perfect toy shelf. The height is just right for toddlers to access all their toys easily yet not quite be able to reach the top so there’s another surface to keep things safe from grabby hands. So much better than overflowing baskets! Everything is contained in one place, sorted for less overwhelming play options, and even looks chic. Toy storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

FullSizeRender (21)


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