Moroccan Side Table

This post is a flashback to an older project I completed before adding furniture projects to my blog. Octagonal vintage side tables are everywhere at thrift stores. They can be converted into unique pet beds that also function as end tables by taking the doors off and adding bedding to the inside and pretty much any paint job spruces them up whether it’s for a shabby chic cottage theme or a funky pop of color. I decided to take a Moroccan approach because of the arched detail on the door.

You’ll have to excuse the mess and the poor pictures; I wasn’t thinking of writing a blog post back then

My sister had just moved into a new home and the details on this table were right up her bohemian alley. After discussing her design plan we chose a dark purple with gold details. I couldn’t find the right purple so I made my own. I mixed Americana Decor “Legacy”, a very dark blue, with a lot of red acrylic paint to make purple. It ended up looking more indigo than purple but more red paint, if I’d had it, could have remedied that.

After cleaning and removing the hardware, I painted and gave it a black glaze. Once dried I used gold leaf paint and a tiny paintbrush to paint the details and edging. My sister picked a stencil for the top to add a little more interest. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!




One thought on “Moroccan Side Table

  1. Until I saw the last pictures I hadn’t been too impressed, but the finished product is so very pretty and so ‘Emily.’ I’m sure she treasures it! I know you siblings must miss each other a lot. I know for a fact that Catherine misses all of you and wishes she was closer in age to her sisters. God bless, Grammy

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