Folk Art Chalk Paint Freebie!

I recently reached out to the makers of one of my favorite chalk paints. Plaid produces Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint and I’ve used the color “Sheepskin” a LOT. The customer service representative could not have been nicer and shortly after filling out the request form I received a box with 5 new colors and 2 waxes, clear and white. I was super excited! I was expecting 1, maybe 2, and got 5.

“English Lavender” is the one I’m most excited about. I’ve looked for a pretty soft purple and have been disappointed with every one I’ve tried. This looks GORGEOUS in the bottle. I have a thrifted jewelry box I’ll be transforming soon with this color. Stay tuned!

“Willow Mist” is a pale pink color that reminds me of a hydrangea. I have another jewelry box I’ll be making over with this color.

“Summer Porch” is a buttery yellow that would be so cute for kitchen accents or on a front porch (hence the name, I’m sure). I’ve wanted to try yellow for a long time but haven’t found just the right one. This looks like it’ll be the one. I have plans to use it on a vintage desk!

“Glacier” reminds me of the “Parisian Blue” from Martha Stewart’s line that I recently used for my little secretary desk and I’m eager to see how Folk Art’s color compares. Guess what…I have ANOTHER jewelry box.

“Monarch” is a bold orange unlike anything I’ve ever used before. I’ll be on the lookout for a cool pair of mid-century end tables to spruce up with this orange and some bright turquoise. In the meantime, I spruced up a thrifted frame to make a modern farmhouse kitchen print.

Butcher prints make great farmhouse kitchen decor. I love this color! It’s not too bright, too rusty, too neon…it’s the perfect orange

As I get a chance to use these colors I’ll be reviewing them. Even though I got freebies I believe in honest reviews. I have high hopes because of how pleased I’ve been with “Sheepskin” on my coffee table and farmhouse kitchen table!


3 thoughts on “Folk Art Chalk Paint Freebie!

  1. I’m anxious to see these new colors. You’re right about the orange not being too bright. I see bold new colors in magazines but think some of them would do better as accent colors,such as your cute frame for the chicken. But the way, I just subscribed to Better Homes and Gardens for you for one year. Let me know when you start receiving them so I can be sure they are honoring my their cheapie gift subscription offer. Stay Calm and Keep Figuring It Out, Grammy

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