Farmhouse Wreath DIY for $10

Farmhouse style wreaths are all the rage but they are EXPENSIVE. While sometimes it does pay to buy rather than DIY this is not one of those times. I made my own simple wreath for $10. Okay so maybe it was actually $10.50.



The key is to make sure you buy the supplies when they’re on sale (or you have coupons; get the Michael’s and Hobby Lobby apps so you never miss a coupon). Here’s what you’ll need:

FullSizeRender (1)

  • 3 ft. garland (I got mine from Michael’s)
  • 12″ wreath form (I got it at Hobby Lobby)
  • green floral wire (I had some on hand from Hobby Lobby)
  • wire cutters

Before you take tags off, lay your garland around your wreath form and make sure everything is the right size. I made sure my garland could go around twice for added thickness.


Cut 2-3″ pieces of floral wire and tie them around the garland and wreath form as close to the base and under the leaves as possible. You don’t want the wire to be visible when you’re done. Every 4″ or so I added more wire, working my way around the wreath form. When the garland had gone around twice, I held up the wreath to see where I needed to tuck pieces in. Using 2″ bits of floral wire, I tucked a few long, wayward strands into place. I wanted a more “wild” look to mine, so I left wisps hanging out. If you’d like yours neater then keep tucking pieces in with wire (remember to make sure it’s hidden by leaves) until it’s just to your liking.

Add a bit of jute string or ribbon and you’re done!

FullSizeRender (7)


2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Wreath DIY for $10

  1. This is SO cute…..including the old window and the box beneath it! I this would look good in my 1943 house in South Louisiana! Also, I like that tiny owl and old fan. That photo looks like it came from a home decor magazine; in fact, when I first saw it I thought it had. You have discovered your true talent! Love you much, Grammy

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