French Provincial Twin Bed Upcycle

I found this French Provincial twin headboard and footboard at Goodwill for $9 (hooray for 50% off day!) Without the side slats it doesn’t work too well as a bed, so I decided to split the pieces and repurpose them separately.

I was working on my farmhouse dresser back when I took this picture…

The headboard was pretty basic. Even without slats and a footboard, a headboard can still be a headboard. I cleaned it really well and used a new brand of chalk paint, Buttercream Luxe, to paint it coral. Perfectly cute and vintage chic for a girl’s room!


The footboard was where I got a little creative. I flipped it upside down, painted it CraftSmart’s “Silver Gray”, distressed, and added hooks. Now it’s a unique coat rack, towel rack, purse storage, you name it. Remember my last headboard turned towel rack project? I love doing this! What are some ways you’ve repurposed headboards and footboards?



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