#goodwillhunting: Making Farmhouse Style Home Decor from Thrifted Finds

I’ve scored a bunch of small projects during recent Goodwill trips. One of my favorite parts about thrifting is never knowing what you’re going to find (if anything) and the potential of the things you do find. Since I love farmhouse style that’s the direction I’ll be going with these upcyles.

Weathered Wood Bucket

I was randomly drawn to old ice cream buckets the other week. Not like the plastic tubs from the grocery store but the wooden ones that were used to make ice cream by hand (my favorite). My parents recently got rid of their crusty old ice cream bucket before I had a chance to realize I wanted it. Bummer. That’s when I found a brand new ice cream bucket for $5. The wood was pristine even though the box looked like it had been in someone’s garage for decades. After removing all the hardware I was ready to make this sucker look old. I dry brushed a little white paint in patches and sanded the whole thing down. The combination of the paint and sanding really brought out the grain. I didn’t get a picture of this step because the Twin Tornadoes were waking up from their nap and we were about to go to the park. Before we left I quickly brushed on a little Rustoleum “Weathered Gray” wood stain and rubbed off the excess immediately. Once that had dried for 24 hours I sanded it down again to let the wood and paint show through.

image3 (5)
You can see the difference between the inside and outside for a “before and after”

Imagine this filled with fresh hydrangeas, lavender, or a little spruce tree at Christmas! If I ever find another bucket I’d go in a slightly different direction and just brush on the white paint or rub it on with a block of wood, lightly sand, and see how that looks.

French Country Lamp

My next project was a super quick lamp refresh. This dated lamp used to have scrolls by the glass orb but one had broken off so no one wanted to take this lamp home (except for me). I snapped off the other scroll, painted it with a good coat of ArtMinds “Trellis Gray” chalk paint, rubbed on a tiny bit of antique dark wax, roughed it up a little with sandpaper to show touches of the gold, and added a French script shade I’ve had sitting around. In about half an hour this lamp went from useless to French country chic.

image7 (1)

Ornate Candlesticks Refresh

Last time I found a pair of candlesticks at Goodwill I almost immediately sold them after updating them with a coat of paint, so I jumped on these candlesticks even though they were pretty gross. A little ArtMinds “Smoked Pearl” paint and some white wax later they looked a lot better!

Weathered Wood Bakery Sign

During my latest Goodwill run I also picked up this dated inspirational wall art. The mustard yellow and painted flowers are NOT my cup of tea. I painted it light gray then, once it dried, partially painted it white with my chalk paint brush (doesn’t leave brush strokes like a regular brush does). Using my new stencils and a black Sharpie I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and made a bakery sign. It’s not as pretty as hers from Magnolia Market featured on Fixer Upper, but it’ll do for the thrifty gal. Once the Sharpie was COMPLETELY dry (I let it sit for about 12 hours) I distressed the edges with a medium grit sandpaper and lightly brushed the letters to give them an aged look.




3 thoughts on “#goodwillhunting: Making Farmhouse Style Home Decor from Thrifted Finds

  1. Abbey, I love the bucket and the candlesticks! I do like the lamp but would have liked to see the scroll that you snapped off. I can’t picture that. I always have liked the look of glass orbs and would have left it unpainted, but that’s just ‘me.’

    I wish I had a picture of a very big, heavy, round mahogany table that had big spiral legs on huge glass balls held by brass ‘claws.’ The ball and claw was what really ‘made’ that table! It was something that so many guests commented on, but Mama kept a doily on it because it was badly in need of someone like YOU to remove all that old paint. That one, being a true antique, belonged to my father’s mother and , I think, to hers as well. That one would have been gorgeous left in its original wood, not painted over.

    When we moved, my mother didn’t have time to sell all of our antique pieces individually, so she called an antique dealer who came to the house and gave her a one-price-for-ALL deal. He must have laughed all the way to the bank. Mr. Sklar was his name.

    Love, Grammy


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