Salvaged Entry Table

We spent a little free time one Saturday checking out an antique shop I just heard about. It was a great little shop if you’re into the same things the owners seem to be collecting (like galvanized buckets, old doors, and retro furniture). While most of the furniture was in need of more work than I’m able to do, I did find this cute little half-round entry table.

I left behind some beautiful antique globes, super cute retro ice cream parlor chairs, French cane back chairs, and antique foot pedal sewing machines but was happy with my cute little project! After a singularly great day at the shop selling almost all my furniture to one customer I was in need of new merchandise. Before painting, I had a few holes to fill. I love my tube of wood filler…so much easier than mixing up Durham’s water putty (even if it is a good bit more expensive).

Once the filler was dried and sanded, I gave the table a grand total of three coat of coral paint. I’m trying a new brand called Buttercream Luxe Craft Chalk Paint. Here’s my take after using it once: IT IS WONDERFUL. The price is comparable to other brands I’ve tried, the color selection is exciting, and it provides great coverage (I used 3 thin coats going from a dark color to a light color; other projects may need less, but it dried so quickly between coats the painting went fast). It paints like warm butter with a wonderfully creamy texture. I love it and can’t wait to use more!

How great would this little table be in a guest bathroom to hold rolled towels and extra soaps?


3 thoughts on “Salvaged Entry Table

  1. We had a table exactly like this. If my poor aching back will allow me, I will scan a picture to you of my dad sitting next to our little table where he kept his ashtray. People didn’t know cigarettes were dangerous back then. The military used to put a pack of cigarettes in the K-rations! That coral is a very pretty color. Is Buttercream the brand name of the paint? I’m glad you were able to sell almost all of your refinished items! Lucky buyer! Love, Grammy

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