Little Antique Side Table


This cutie was another OfferUp find and a good deal. Most of it was in decent shape except for the drawer and the top which suffered from a lot of chipping and water damage.

After a quick clean I painted the inside Americana Decor “Vintage” and the outside a custom mix of Craft Smart “Silver Gray” and Americana Decor “Everlasting”. Any number of colors would have looked great from a basic flat white to a bold, bright color, but I’m keeping this one so gray it is to match my living room.


I needed a little wood putty to fix a spot of missing veneer from the top. I left a good bit of the chipping finish because this adds texture and character, but I did sand lightly to make everything as smooth as possible. After painting I distressed lightly and gave it a coat of clear wax. Since I didn’t clean the table thoroughly after sanding, the dust mixed with the wax and left some “dirty” spots. It looks like a very faint antique wax effect and I like it though I did have to buff those spots to smooth the look out.



One thought on “Little Antique Side Table

  1. I LOVE the colors you used on this precious little table. It has character and will be a good place to store things you don’t want lying around.

    I’m glad you’re keeping it, at least that’s the impression I got since it matches your L.R. furniture.

    It won’t be long before the boys will be getting into everything they can. Or are they already doing that?

    Have a good Memorial Day weekend. Troy and Lisa and friends are at a rented cabin in Grand Isle from today through Monday.

    They asked us to join them, but we aren’t going.




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