Embroidery Hoop Crafts (and bonus project!)

During my latest Goodwill run I found a bunch of embroidery hoops and I got them all for $3. I wasn’t entirely sure what I would do with them but I knew I could do something! Here’s a quick look at what I made; share some projects you’ve done with embroidery hoops in the comments!

Sewing Kit


The only reason I made this is because I had a thin scrap of fabric with tiny sewing scissors on it. Do I need more of a reason? There are more complex versions of this, but mine is super quick and almost no-sew. I laid the neutral back fabric on top of the back of the embroidery hoop then laid the mint polka dot pocket fabric on top. After folding the scissors fabric over so there would be no exposed raw edges, I laid it over the raw edge of the mint fabric. Then I put the embroidery hoop together, tightened it up, and sewed a quick line down the middle of the pocket to make 2 pockets. This is currently for sale on Etsy.

Hair Bow Hanging Organizer

This is a particular favorite of mine. All I did was stretch some soft pink and ivory cotton fabric in the hoop, secure some thick white ribbon, and tie a pink bow on top. How cute is this? It’s currently listed for sale on Etsy and I hope it soon hangs in a sweet little girl’s nursery!

Christmas Wreaths

This was too easy. I had left over Christmas burlap from making our tree skirt a couple years ago so I simple cut circles/ovals and framed them in a red and oval wood embroidery hoop. Add some red linen bows and twine loops for hanging and you’ve got cute little wreaths. When Christmas time comes I plan on adding fresh spruce sprigs.

Vintage Linen Wall Decor

I’ve had these vintage table runners for a while now. They’re stained in some areas from age and improper storage, but the embroidery work is fantastic. I’ve tried many methods of removing these stains but sometimes things just can’t be fixed. That’s when I salvage. The handmade floral designs make gorgeous wall art (and are listed on Etsy).

Bonus Project! 

This has nothing to do with embroidery hoops except for the fact that I made this at the same time. I had a little wire shade sitting around waiting to be used for something. While going through my bag of scrap fabric I found a bunch of super pretty calico prints already cut into strips. I wrapped them tightly around the wire shade, added some ribbon, and listed it on Etsy as a sweet mobile for a baby’s room. I planned on adding some vintage pearls around the bottom but I ended up liking the simplicity without. The buyer can add more decor as desired be it pearls, paper flowers, or little vintage wooden toys.



One thought on “Embroidery Hoop Crafts (and bonus project!)

  1. These hoops are adorable!! I don’t know which ones I like the best, probably the embroidered ones from the stained table runner. What a creative use of an old runner! That, in itself, takes talent, Abbey. The Christmas ornaments are as cute as can be and with a sprig of evergreen they’ll be even prettier.

    ‘You go, Girl!’




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