The French Provincial Desk

I have a lot of posts to catch up on so this one is going to be short and sweet. As soon as I had a buyer for my old desk I found and bought another one. What happened to my plan to clear out the twins’ room?? This vintage 70s French Provincial desk was so pretty and had all the original handles. Plus it was a really good deal (my less than 50% of the asking price offer was accepted) and I knew I could sell it quickly.

Before and After


I wanted to paint it white at first but then I liked the idea of a really soft gray. I had some bright white leftover from my headboard towel rack and I always have Craft Smart “Silver Gray” on hand, so I filled the white container with gray and mixed it really well. Perfect.

What you don’t see here are the stickers and nail polish stains I had to scrub and sand off the top before painting!

The drawers were dirty from use so I decided to do something funky with them. I painted the sides a light mint and lined the inside with a white and gold heavyweight wrapping paper I picked up at the brand new Home Goods around the corner (I LOVE Home Goods). From the outside this is a demure little desk but inside she’s spunky. I like it. And so did someone else because I sold it within a day!


2 thoughts on “The French Provincial Desk

  1. This looks SO MUCH BETTER than when you bought it. I loved what you did with the color and the drawers.

    I’m sure this one will sell quickly. I hate that you let that pretty little secretary’s desk go, but I know you can’t keep everything

    you refinish. If I had room for it, I’d have bought it myself.

    Great job, Abbey!




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