The Desk (and the Twins’ room update)

This latest project gives me mixed feelings. My desk has been with me since high school when I used it constantly. When I moved into my own place after college it’s where I sat to Skype TwinDad. Since getting married and moving into our current home the desk has become a catch-all for the junk I can’t deal with at the moment. It’s in a corner of the nursery/guest room/home office and filled with STUFF. I go through purge phases when I get bogged down by all the random junk we’ve collected and let pile up because we’re busy with life. This purge phase started with the sudden idea to sell my desk, clean out the junk, and make the nursery a more spacious kids’ room. I have a slightly sentimental attachment to it because it’s where I wrote in high school, but it hasn’t been used in years. Someone could put it to better use than I can.

Almost forgot a “before” picture in my haste to get going!

So the purge began. Before I could start tackling the desk I had to clean it out…an act that revealed just how much stuff that desk can hold. I’ve been trying to get rid of most of it but some things, like tape, paper clips, stationary, and a good hole punch, you need to keep around. Remember Bonus Dresser? It’s my new “desk”/craft storage. The top drawer desperately needs repair but it’ll do for now.

Fast forward past the piles of junk everywhere, the overflowing “this all goes to Goodwill” bag, a bunch of new eBay listings, and me deciding to get rid of everything that isn’t used/doesn’t make sense in the house to actually tackling the desk. I recently painted and upholstered this cute, thrifted, x-back chair to go with my desk so I decided on a turquoise-esque blue to match. I had planned on painting it bright white and updating the handles to copper cup pulls, but I want to sell the chair and desk as a set so blue it is.

see my vintage tv cabinet bar hiding in the background?

The desk is in fantastic condition except for the white spots left by freshly baked homemade soft pretzels my brother used to make. All I had to do was paint and add new handles. Adorably chic! I found a buyer starting out in a new place who will put it to good use.

Thanks to the space opened up by the desk finding a new home, the twins’ bedroom got a tiny update. The changing table moved from the window to where the desk had been, underneath the antique model airplane their great-grandfather built long before they were born. The hanging wall shelf with hooks used to be a desk hutch my dad had built for me in college. With a few wire baskets, some cast iron hooks, and some d-rings to hang it, the hutch has a great new use! The twins barely fit on the changing table anymore so we may be switching things up again soon.



3 thoughts on “The Desk (and the Twins’ room update)

  1. Proud of you for getting rid of your collected stuff that was taking space in your desk. It looks so cute with its matching chair. I don’t even have a desk but when I did, it was a big one, and I didn’t have little piles of ‘stuff’ in various places in the house, namely on the bar where everyone can see it! I hate clutter so I’m soon going to tackle it by putting it ALL in a big Rubbermaid bin and going through it a little at a time. There are Wal-Mart bags hiding under my bed that I pushed stuff into just before ya’ll came to visit. If I haven’t seen it in all that time, I’m quite certain there is nothing in there that I will ever need to read. I even started filing articles—mostly on dieting—and haven’t referred to them. Haven’t been dieting either. I hate that word!

    Love ya,



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