Vintage TV Cabinet Turned Bar

I found this little vintage tv cabinet for $10 and instantly thought it would make a funky home bar. Let the project begin!


After giving it a good cleaning, I painted the whole thing a bright cobalt blue. It’s a bold choice not everyone will love, but accent pieces are quite popular right now and blue is an easy color to blend into your decor. While replacing the current knobs with modern glass knobs or something funky would be cool, I decided to stick with the original and keep that vintage, mid-century charm.


As much as I love this blue, it is a little flat on its own. Wanting to soften up the color and add detail, I liberally applied white wax and used some elbow grease to give it a good buffing. I did not like the result. The top and sides looked odd, so I re-painted blue while letting the wax show through a little bit. Much better. Let this be a lesson to the fellow DIYer: if the outcome doesn’t match the vision in your head, it’s okay to try again! That’s one of the things I love about chalk paint; it’s inexpensive and easy to use so repainting and tweaking projects until they’re just right isn’t a costly hassle.

well that’s a little much

I talked to my dad about raising the inside base to be flush with the door opening but, since that would require precision work for which I don’t have the tools, I decided to sand, clean, and stain the inside. A little weathered gray stain went on nicely, brought out the richness of the plain wood, and made the inside look “finished”. If I wanted to repurpose this into anything other than a bar I would have taken the time to raise the base and add a shelf. For a bar the sunken base can be a good thing since it protects bottles from falling over if bumped.

When I bought this there wasn’t a back, but that was an easy fix. I cut down a piece of hardboard (about $8 at a home improvement store) and screwed it in place.

The finishing touches were a cast iron bottle opener attached to one door and a hanging stemware and wine bottle rack (I didn’t attach those but left them for the buyer to position as desired). There you have it, a crummy tv cabinet turned chic mid-century bar!

Bold and Beautiful



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