Dumpster Headboard to Towel Rack


A long time ago we were driving to church and I saw this headboard leaned up against a dumpster. TwinDad said if it was still there when we got back we could see about taking it home. It was there. It came home with me. What else did you expect?


I liked the details and the curves. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew it needed to be white. After letting it sit for a long time I finally decided I wanted to make it a towel rack. I took out my cheap, tiny hand saw that’s basically a glorified kitchen knife and cut off the posts (but only after much sweating and a lot of sore muscles). Word to the wise…don’t try this at home. Just spend the money on a decent reciprocating saw or wait until your handyman woodworking dad can help. Patience has never been my strong suit…

I got some Americana Decor “Everlasting” paint and gave the headboard two solid coats.

Now, I’ve mentioned that I’m breaking up with Americana Decor paint. Here’s why: lately the paint has come almost too thick to work with, it dried out so quickly, and it doesn’t paint smoothly or evenly like other brands. I still love some of the colors, but I’ve noticed a decline in quality compared to other less expensive brands. When I can pay half the price and be more pleased with the product, I kind of have to go with the obviously better option. Of course there are ways to handle the thick gloppiness of Americana Decor paints to make them more workable, but go back to my previous statement…gotta go with the better option. I’m not receiving any sort of compensation from another brand, I’m just being honest about my own experience. Give Americana Decor a try if you love one of the colors, but be prepared to paint lots of thin coats. For my projects I’m going to go with one of my other trusty brands from now on.

Back to the project…after distressing the headboard, I didn’t like it. It was too much. Some people, like my mother, want a heavily distressed look but I prefer something more subtle. I brushed a little more paint over the heavily distressed areas and it softened the look a LOT. Super easy 30 second fix. Now for the hooks!

You may or may not know I’m obsessed with Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”. I knew I had to bring a little Joanna flair to this project since I’m pretty sure she’d approve of the idea. What better way than to purchase some hooks from Magnolia Market? I LOVE these hooks. They were really reasonably priced, they’re unique, the design is perfect for hanging towels to dry, and the aged patina completes this project perfectly.


Unfortunately I have no room to hang this right now and I still need my dad to trim up those rough edges with a proper saw. Still, for a dumpster headboard it looks pretty good!


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