An Apartment Full of Projects

TwinDad loves me. How do I know? Because he hasn’t stopped me from buying furniture (yet!) Last Saturday we carried 2 dressers and a large cedar chest up three flights of stairs after driving 40 minutes to buy said dressers. You have to understand something before you think I’m crazy…I’ve wanted this one dresser for a long time. When the seller dropped the price by over 50% AND threw in a bonus dresser, how could I say no? The cedar chest was from my Pappy so TwinDad didn’t have a choice on that one.

Here’s my beautiful dream dresser, work already done by a fellow antique refinishing enthusiast. I finally have a safe place to store our wedding china!


The plan was the sell Bonus Dresser to recoup the money, but it’s been growing on us and we’ll see what we end up doing. It’s just so pretty! Original hardware in excellent condition and the original  tiny wheels…how can you not love it?


The Lane cedar chest has a fun story that’ll explain why it’s been sitting in a hot Louisiana attic for decades. I’ll tell that story in an upcoming post (trust me, it’s worth waiting around for). Due to the attic storage, the outer veneer is in really rough shape, cracking, splitting, bubbling, you name it. The interior cedar is pristine, and I’ve got a sentimental attachment, so it’s worth the work!


In the meantime, I painted this old coffee table with no less than 3 coats of Americana Decor “Whisper” chalk paint and sold it for a little profit. Who doesn’t like a little vintage shabby chic? I’ve also decided to break up with Americana Decor. More on that in an upcoming post.

I also gave this vintage dresser mirror a couple coats of mint green (Martha Stewart “Antique Sky”) and sold it. Remember the Hollywood Regency dresser? This was its mirror.


What else have I been up to? Missing out on multiple antique secretary desk deals, finding another antique secretary desk deal, learning about antique desk fans, buying some antique desk fans, planning the Twin Tornadoes’ upcoming first birthday party (Dr. Seuss themed of course), keeping the local shop stocked, updating my Etsy store to start selling a greater variety, and somehow managing to get the laundry done. Don’t ask how; I’m just figuring it out as I go!


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