The Kate Spade inspired lamp and why I want a craft room

I was just telling TwinDad how I would love to have a little pampering and get a mani-pedi for Easter. This morning reminded me why I never get my nails done; before noon I had paint and glue residue all over my fingers. Such is the life of a thrifter, flipper, DIY-er, and twin mom.

My most recent #goodwillhunting resulted in a number of projects TwinDad was thrilled to see come home. I found an awesome Leviton brass lamp that was begging for an update, a vintage Bassett Hollywood Regency style dresser and mirror, a coffee table my mom wanted, and a super neat silver-plated, cedar-lined little cigar box.

Some of my latest thrifted finds…more on that dresser later

I have begun work on the dresser, but today I will focus on the lamp. As you may have noticed, most of my projects are finished in neutral tones that will go with most decor. This is the best way to quickly sell projects, but sometimes gets a little boring. I’ve been dying to do something bold and modern and I got my fix with this lamp.


What girl doesn’t love a little Kate Spade glam? I love the rosy tones and gold accents that are so popular with the Kate Spade line right now, but I’m a sucker for the classic emerald green too. Maybe it’s the abundance Celtic blood in me…

The brass got a nice coat of gold leaf paint. This stuff comes in a teeny tiny bottle, but a little goes a looooong way. I’ve already used it for 4 other projects (not including the lamp) and I’ve barely used half the teeny tiny bottle. Be careful when working with this paint as it is nearly impossible to clean it off anything. If it gets on your hands, immediately wash with warm water and scrape it off using your fingernails.


I tried using Krylon chalky finish bright green spray paint for the base, but due to the texture of the flowers it wasn’t working out. I got some linen textured scrapbook paper and decoupaged it on using a glossy finish Mod Podge. When working with Mod Podge be careful not to use too much or your paper will saturate and tear. Work slowly and be sure to work out any bubbles as you lay the paper on the surface. A thin coat of Mod Podge on top seals the paper and provides that glossy finish.

The lamp looked great; all I need is a shade. Just a plain white shade wouldn’t do. To complete the Kate Spade look, I had to have black and white stripes. Striped shades are available on Etsy, but cost nearly $40. I was going to have to make my own. Did you know the shades that work with harps are called spider-fitted shades? Did you know they’re impossible to find for a decent price without old-fashioned accordion pleats? After much searching, I found a giant spider-fitted, white drum shade that wasn’t going to break the bank. Using super glue, I attached black ribbon to create thick stripes.


You could also use acrylic or fabric paint to paint stripes for a less textured look. Be sure to get good painter’s tape to seal the lines and dab, don’t brush, the paint to keep straight lines. In retrospect, I would have painted my shade instead of working with the ribbon. It was not an easy job with one of my twins laying at my feet repeatedly kicking my legs, a fun game for everyone involved (can you sense the sarcasm?). I dream of the day I can have a craft room with ample storage and work space where I can complete projects without being kicked or climbed on. Having a functioning kitchen table again would be nice too…



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