The Hollywood Regency Dresser

I mentioned this vintage dresser in my Kate Spade lamp post. This beaten up beauty was a steal for $75. Solid wood, original hardware, tons of storage, smooth drawers, only cosmetic fixes needed, and a matching mirror…yup, a steal. Let’s just not talk about having to lug it up three flights of stairs.


Coming up with a game plan for this project wasn’t easy. I’ve been itching to do some bold, bright, out-of-the-box makeovers lately, and this Hollywood Regency style piece was begging to be given some bold and funky glam. After all, that’s what Hollywood Regency is all about! Deep cobalt blue, high gloss yellow, high gloss black…there were plenty of ideas. TwinDad and my sister suggested I do something more neutral to attract more sellers. Reluctantly I pulled out my trusty gray chalk paint…and fell in love with the project.


Though it would have been fun to go bold and stick with the era, I like the modern twist this old dresser is taking. Cool grays are everywhere in home design now (watch a little HGTV and you’ll see what I’m talking about). One of the handles was broken so I replaced the handles on the top drawers with glass knobs for a little glam (couldn’t resist) and I LOVE it.

The drawers were clean, but I went ahead and lined them with this bright yellow geometric wrapping paper I got at Target’s “Dollar Spot” for $3. It’s both retro and modern at the same time and I love it.

I’ve seen this style dresser re-done by removing the ornate design on the drawers and replacing all the handles with modern straight silver ones. While the end result was nice, it looked like a typical mass-produced dresser. I love the detail and the character of vintage pieces that just can’t be found these days. Bringing new life to cast-off pieces like this and celebrating the originality of its design is exactly why I do what I do. If you want a plain, flat-front dresser, go to Ikea and put it together. If you want built-to-last, unique accent pieces, create them yourself (or buy from flippers like me!)


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