Jewelry Box Makeovers

Old wooden jewelry boxes with frosted glass or plastic inserts are a dime a dozen at thrift stores. The felt inside is often stained and smelly and, let’s be honest, these boxes are just downright ugly. One day I got adventurous. I picked up a few for about $4 each and decided I would give them another chance.

The first I tackled was the biggest jewelry box I’ve ever seen. The felt inside was surprisingly clean and there was tons of storage. It was unique and had a ton of potential. Plus the art deco style design on the glass doors was actually pretty. I gave it a coat of my favorite light gray, distressed, and sold it for $50.

The next box was very girly with hearts everywhere. Wanting to keep it girly but give it a shabby chic country girl makeover, I painted it mint green and heavily distressed. The felt inside required a good bit of scrubbing, but came out looking nearly brand new. I sold this one for $35.

The final project was the most difficult. This box was ugly, the plastic inserts in the doors were cracked and yellowed, the felt was beyond saving and smelled awful, and the screws were starting to rust. But I liked the feet so I bought it.

I tried cleaning the felt, but ended up ripping it all out. With a lot of frustration and very little patience, I re-lined the entire box with a pretty home decor fabric I had just gotten on sale. TIP: use a thick fusible interfacing to make the fabric a lot easier to work with. ANOTHER TIP: double sided tape is your friend. Do not try to glue the fabric in place.

Art Minds “Trellis Gray” chalk paint is one of my new favorite neutrals and it went really well with the fabric. I had some craft chicken wire that was finished to look a little rusty that I stapled into the door in place of glass inserts. Who doesn’t love a little chicken wire?

Though it was the biggest project, I think the work was worth it. I’m in the process of selling this one now.



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