It’s Been a While

It feels like forever since I’ve been able to make a new post. We’ve been battling the Winter of the Plague, spending many sleepless nights trying to soothe restless babies. Finally we all seem to be in the clear and enjoying early spring!

Though we’ve been sick, I haven’t been idle. November-December my Etsy shop threw nearly 100 orders at me which, though challenging, was a great profit to help get us through the holidays. Tackling numerous mini home-improvement projects after binge-watching Fixer Upper episodes and repeating my “What Would Joanna Do” mantra have taken a lot of my time and attention. De-cluttering was a priority and I spent a week emptying out closets and re-thinking our use of space in every spare corner. Surprisingly, I was able to uncover a lot of poorly used storage space that I’ve now maximized and it feels great.

My booth in a local shop has been doing pretty well and I’m excited to continue there with some spring updates. If you’re in the area, stop by Mercantile Mall on Main Street in Milford, Ohio and check it out! You’ll find some cool antique items as well as beautifully restored painted furniture from the lovely shop contributors.

I’ll be posting a few projects soon, like a weathered-gray bathroom storage tray, upcycled old wooden windows, a gross-to-chic jewelry box, an amazing Goodwill find that’s now a key piece in the boys’ bedroom, and an antique dresser painted with my new favorite color and finished with gorgeously lined drawers. In the meantime, I’ve got to clean The Trenches (the loving nickname we’ve given to our living room that has become an array of kitchen chair barricades to keep the Twin Tornadoes from getting into forbidden areas) #whilebabiesaresleeping.

Life as a new twin parent is a stream of challenges and we will just keep figuring it out as we go along.




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