Rustic Farmhouse Hutch

This old hutch has been in my family as long as I can remember. It used to hold all my picture books when I was a kid. My mom is downsizing and passed this on to me. It’s been painted a few times and I decided to give it another coat. Americana Décor “Vintage” to the rescue yet again!


I left the inside black mostly because I didn’t want to deal with getting in there and painting it. After taking the doors off, I gave everything a solid coat of paint. The rougher wood took the paint really well and I didn’t need a second coat (yes!). After taking a step back and looking at it, I decided it needed some new hardware and the wire needed to be lightened so it would stand out. I very lightly rubbed some white paint over the wire and loved it.

Before painting the wire…

The wire is what I really love about this hutch. It’s what makes it that “rustic farmhouse” style I love. The white wire against the black shelves inside really stands out! This old hutch is now some awesome master bathroom storage thanks to a towel shelf and some lovely baskets I found on sale at Joann’s.




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