A Pair of Thrifted End Tables

I’m not joking when I say I have a problem with furniture hoarding. I’ve mentioned my pile of end tables in previous posts. I finally got around to giving two of them a makeover.


One little vintage wooden table matched the leg style and hardware of my vintage sewing machine table I recently re-did into my mini coffee bar. For only $7, I had to have it for my end-table-less living room. The inside of the drawer was made into an original toddler crayon art piece, it was all scratched up, and definitely needed a scrub down. Not a problem for the Furniture Hoarder. I spent almost a week trying to decide on a color, but I finally went with my trusty old friend Americana Décor “Vintage” chalk paint. It’s all over the place in my tiny apartment and I keep going back to it.

I painted the inside of the drawer (sorry crayon-wielding budding artist) and took 2 coats to cover the entire table. Once it was dry, I lightly distressed the edges and the details with some medium grit sandpaper to make them stand out. During my weekly trip out by myself I wandered around TJ Maxx and Target looking for the perfect storage solution for this table’s shelf. While there were some super cute wooden crates and wire baskets at TJ Maxx, Target had the perfect size…and copper handles. I’m on a bit of a copper kick at the moment (if the last 10 years of loving copper accents counts as a “kick”).

In progress!
Never complete without a little distressing


Voila! My new end table. Now if only I had space next to my couch…

The second end table was an exciting find. French Provincial style furniture and décor is really popular right now and I’ve always loved it. I wasn’t in line as early as the rest of them on 50% off day at my local Goodwill and missed out on a gorgeous French Provincial dresser set. I was super bummed. But a few weeks later I happened to find this gorgeous end table! I love the details and DID YOU SEE THOSE HANDLES?? They’re usually around $15.00 each if you can find them. Love it.


I’m starting a little booth at a local antique mall and decided this beauty would be a great addition. I tried out a new chalk paint color from Art Minds (I had to order online since my Michael’s is always sold out) called “Trellis Gray”. BEST COLOR EVER. Try it out. BONUS: it’s the most inexpensive chalk paint I’ve found get at $6.99 for an 8 oz. can.

After two good coats of my new favorite color, I noticed some crackling happening along the edge. While the crackle look is a cool one, it wasn’t what I wanted for this piece. If a table is cleaned with a furniture polish, oftentimes paint will crackle when applied. The fix? Shellac! I’m a new user of the product, but I love it already. A spray can runs about $7 at a home improvement store.

A few notes about shellac:

  • It’s VERY smelly so be sure to have an incredibly well-ventilated workspace like a very open garage.
  • This is a great sealer for just about anything but be sure to test on a small area first if you’re unfamiliar with the product.
  • There is a liquid version as well as an aerosol, but the liquid version looks yellow-ish. If you’re painting over, it shouldn’t make much of a difference, but your color might be a bit different than you’d expect. Test it out first!


I lightly sanded down the crackled area, sprayed on a heavy coat of shellac, let it dry, and repainted. No more crackle.

I absolutely LOVE this table. It’s gorgeous…and now for sale at my local antique mall! Check out Mercantile Mall on Main Street in Milford Ohio if you’re a local. There are some other amazing vendors there as well.


One thought on “A Pair of Thrifted End Tables

  1. I love what you’ve done with the end tables! We have a lot of furniture pieces that have been in Ross’ family. Some of them, we’d rather leave alone – but our end tables in our bedroom can definitely use some paint!


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