Trash to Treasure: A Handful of Small Thrifted Redos


When you’re a busy mom of 4 month old twin boys, sometimes you just need to get out on your own for a bit and enjoy a little peace and quiet. It’s important to take a break when you can! Being a stay at home mom can be exhausting no matter how many kids you have or what ages. My “me time” consists of Goodwill hunting in the evenings while TwinDad has some Daddy-Baby bonding time. When/if the boys nap well in the afternoons I have a chance to upcycle some of my cool finds.

Here are a few of my latest mini projects!

Encyclopedia Page Prints Redo


When I saw these prints I fell in love. My kitchen could use a little charm and these were perfect. The frames, however, weren’t in good shape and made the prints look dated. Nothing a little paint can’t fix! I used Folk Art brand “Sheepskin” chalk paint in two coats followed by a very light brown glaze to give the frames an antique look. When the paint was dry, I took a fine grit sandpaper and lightly sanded down to the original wood to give a distressed look. I love these chic and fun prints now!


Dated Print to Menu Chalkboard


The swan print was definitely not my thing, but the simple detail of the cute oval frame definitely was. I’ve been wanting a chalkboard menu for my kitchen for a while now, and this was perfect. I used Craft Smart brand “French Teal” chalk paint and decided against a glaze or any distressing this time around. I tried painting a couple coats of Martha Stewart’s Chalkboard paint on the glass, but in the end that didn’t work out. The paint bubbled and chipped right off the glass. I made a quick run to my local craft store, bought some Cricut Chalkboard Vinyl, cut it into an oval, and voila! A perfect menu to keep the “what’s for dinner” questions at bay.


Old Frame to Rustic Country Chic Gift


My sister-in-law has a very clear style preference (rustic country girl) and I thought this little project would make a perfect Christmas gift! The frame, very similar to my chalkboard frame, was just too cute to pass up and a perfect size. Craft Smart’s “French Teal” chalk paint was the perfect color to match her decor, so I painted both frames at the same time. I used an old cotton rag to very lightly wipe on Folk Art’s dark antique wax in a few places to give it that rusty old country look. After a quick wipe with my trusty sandpaper square to let a few bits of original gold frame show, it looked great! I ordered some “rusty” chicken wire from my craft store’s website and completed this picture hanging gift!


Gloriously Narnian Mini Mirror


Sometimes the best thrifted finds don’t need any work at all. While looking for the frames for the projects above, I came across this awesome little mirror. It reminded me of Aslan and would be a super fun addition to my boys’ “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” themed bedroom. C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series was a special favorite of mine as a child and I can’t wait to share it with the twins when they’re older.


Reindeer Tea Tray Update


Christmas decor is a dime a dozen at most thrift stores. I picked up a dark red reindeer printed tea tray for $1.50 knowing I could easily paint and update it. Due to the dark color and bold reindeer pattern, I needed 2 coats of Craft Smart’s “French Teal” chalk paint. While that dried, I thought about stenciling my tray but ultimately decided to write my favorite tea quote instead. Using a Sharpie Oil Paint Pen, I carefully wrote/drew my design. A little antique wax brushed on, and I’m quite pleased with how this little tray transformed.

“Silver” Tray to Kitchen Quote


You’ve probably seen plenty of those nickel plated “silver” trays in various sizes at your local thrift store. I grabbed one for 50 cents last week, knowing I could think of something fun to do with it. I had been wanting to paint one of my favorite Julia Child quotes on a pretty plate for my kitchen decor, but since I didn’t find a plate I liked I decided to use my silver tray. 2 coats of Americana Decor’s “Vintage” chalk paint and a light brushing of antique wax later and this tray was adorable. I used my Sharpie Oil Paint Pen and stencil letters to write my quote. Not too shabby! If you have a Cricut, I suggest cutting a vinyl sticker of your quote of choice for ease and for a better looking design than mine.

Mocha Plaque to Unique Coffee Station Decor


This wasn’t exactly a thrift store redo, but I wanted to add it! I have had this little wooden mocha sign hanging by my coffee station forever (it was a college apartment leftover I was hanging onto). Deciding it needed some updating, I painted over it with Americana Decor’s “Primitive” chalk paint and used some charcoal paint I had lying around from another project to paint a French linen tea towel design. Once everything had dried completely, I Mod Podged a cute coffee quote picture on and gently wiped a little antique wax along the edges. Using an empty roll of painters tape that had antique wax coating the rim, I made a faux coffee cup stain. Love the update!

You never know what you’ll find while thrifting! I also found a brand new Italian stoneware pasta bowl for my mom for $3. What are some of your best finds?


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