Broken Pedestal Table Re-Do

Well, I’m back at it again. Every spare corner of my apartment has some sort of furniture piece in it waiting for a makeover. I just can’t pass up a deal when I see one! I also have a bunch of furniture coming to me from my mom’s basement just as soon as I get space.

My latest completed project is this fun little pedestal table I grabbed from the dumpster. The feet were in pretty bad shape, one completely snapped off, one broken in half, and only the third intact, but that didn’t keep me from seeing the potential! I wanted something bold, something bright…something blue.


There were a lot of ups and downs to this project. First, I tried to saw the broken feet off with a cheap handsaw and wound up with an uneven, wobbly table. I took the mess down to my dad who spent a few minutes problem solving before his carpentry skills and power saw had my table level again. For those of you who might need to do something similar on a project, before hacking away like I did, use a level flat on the ground and resting against your legs to mark where you need to cut. Triple check and measure everything, as my dad always says.

I didn’t get a great up-close shot of the broken legs, but you can see the good one and the totally broken off one here

Once my table was level and back home, I turned to my trusty Americana Decor chalk paint stash and picked “Legacy” blue. (Note: I receive no compensation from the company; this is the brand I am most familiar with and really like using). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: chalk paint is wonderful for the impatient and busy woman like me. It goes on quick and dries quicker. One coat always does the job and no priming is needed! Each small can from my local craft store costs about $8.00 and I didn’t even use a whole can on my Dumpster Dresser project (the biggest project I’ve done so far).

The twins were napping in the living room so I had to paint in their room. When painting around kids, make sure you have really good ventilation! Chalk paint does not have fumes like regular paint, but still have a window open if you don’t have an outdoor space to use

The blue color was lighter and more flat than I wanted. I mixed a black glaze with my glazing medium and some black acrylic paint. After sponging it over my piece and wiping away the excess, it looked really black and splotchy…not at all the navy look I was going for! I painted a REALLY thin coat of blue on top of the glaze (once it dried) and used a barely damp rag to gently wipe the excess blue paint away. It turned out exactly like I wanted!

Whoa! Really heavy on the black glaze
The top was kind of neat, but still darker than I wanted
Much better! Now for the clear wax…

A quick coat of clear wax, and this once trashed pedestal table would make a great accent piece in any room!

I love the leg detail on this table!


I don’t plan on keeping this one and have it up for sale!



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