Petite Maternity Fashion on a Budget (for non-supermodel moms): Part Two

I hope you found some useful tips on where to shop in Part One! Part Two is going to focus a little more on specific pieces and outfit ideas. I tried modeling a couple outfits but being my own cameraman has its challenges…please excuse the poor quality mirror selfies!

loft dress petite maternity style

1. Pants, pants, pants

One of the hardest parts of maternity fashion for my petite stature is finding pants that are the right length. If you remember from Part One, I recommended shopping for petite length pants at Motherhood Maternity. Don’t forget some comfortable lounge pants too! You’ll want them. As you’ll see from my pictures, my stretchy black Motherhood pants are a staple in my wardrobe.

My trusty stretchy black pants and striped BumpStart tshirt are always comfy favorites. I got an awesome deal on this Banana Republic cardigan on eBay…love the cranberry red.
This Aztec printed drapey cardigan was a splurge, but I can wear it post-pregnancy as well, even though it did come from Motherhood Maternity. Again with the black pants and BumpStart tshirt…
I love my cuffed crop boyfriend jeans from Motherhood Maternity! As the twin bump keeps on growing, I got a larger size to not only add to the baggy boyfriend jean look, but to make sure I’ll have at least one pair of jeans to fit that bump at the end. Top is Old Navy (non-maternity but an XL so it fits) that I scored for $4 at my local consignment store! It was rainy so I threw on my favorite navy rain jacket.
sweat pants a must
Don’t forget a good pair of sweatpants. I have a pair of non-maternity pants like these with a wide stretchy waistband that work great and are super comfy for running to the grocery or lounging at home

Pair with loafers, wedges, or ankle boots depending on the season. Be sure you’re comfortable! If you’re comfortable in heels for a special occasion, go for it and rock that look.

2. Dresses: from daywear to special occasion

I love dressing up. Some of my favorite maternity dresses are soft cotton fitted dresses with side ruching to make space for that twin bump.

  • One of my favorites is this super soft gray dress from Target (seen in the picture below).
  • Wrap dresses are also a great option, especially for those early days when the bump is just starting to show.
  • Dresses can be great for layering too. Look for styles that hit just at or just above the knee. Showing off those shins and wearing nude shoes can lengthen our shorter legs. Darker colors are generally more flattering, but don’t shy away from your favorite patterns! Adding a solid colored cardigan can help shape your figure.
  • IMG_2499
    All dressed up in my Sunday best! This Old Navy maternity side-ruched black dress was a great $6 consignment store find. It’s soft, stretchy, and easy to pair with anything. With the bump, most blazers make me look boxy but this one is lighter and more flowy. I didn’t exactly get my puffy feet in this picture, but they’re squeezed into my stretchy coral wedges (one of the only nice pair of shoes I can fit in at 29 weeks!)
    32 week bump! This is another Old Navy maternity dress like the black one above (and another consignment store find). Can you tell I like drapey cardigans? I wear one almost every day now that it’s spring and I’m finally out of my puffy coat.
    I found this Gap Maternity maxi dress at my consignment store. Even though it was on the pricey side, it’s super comfortable and has plenty of room for the twin bump. I’ll be packing it in my hospital bag for my going-home dress since it’s so easy to throw on and as comfy as my nightgown.
    My BumpStart dress is another favorite; it’s every bit as comfy as the tshirts that are a wardrobe staple of mine. It’s a little on the short side, but for us petite ladies it works. I added a $4 teal leather belt I found at my local thrift store and a very, very, very old cardigan that I love and have had in my closet for YEARS.

    This was the bump size around 22 weeks…seems so small now! I cannot stress how comfy this dress is…and the heather gray goes with EVERYTHING. I dressed it up for church with my J.Crew floral statement necklace and a pair of black booties.

3. Versatile Tops 

I stretched my regular wardrobe well into my second trimester when it came to tops. I tend to prefer more flowy tops as it is which made it easy to find pieces that worked well with a twin bump. However, it is inevitable that you will need some maternity tops, especially towards the end. Remember from Part One that I love BumpStart t-shirts from Motherhood! Anything with a v-neck and side ruching is going to somehow find its way into my closet. In addition to side ruching for t-shirts and sweaters, look for blouses that tie under your bust to accentuate the baby bump and give you a shape.

Again with the BumpStart striped tshirt 🙂 I pulled out my non-maternity trusty black maxi skirt and, once I realized how chilly it was with the breeze, added my Gap denim jacket…a recent consignment store find.
I scored this top FREE as part of a “buy 2 get 1 free” sale at Destination Maternity. The cowl neck and longer sleeves are comfy, flattering, and a little something different from my typical t-shirts

Whew! I’ve been working hard on putting together these outfits and remembering to take pictures (though there have been a number of days when I give up the moment I get in front of the mirror…then I go lie down and eat a Reese’s). For all you fellow petite mommies out there, I hope I provided some helpful tips! And please keep in mind these are tips for non-supermodel moms…like me 🙂

What are you fashion tips for a comfortable yet chic pregnancy?


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