Petite Maternity Fashion on a Budget (for non-supermodel moms): Part One

Let’s face it; we’re all on Pinterest and we’ve all seen those maternity fashion posts in which the women look like ridiculously adorable, barely-pregnant supermodels. Pregnancy is amazing when you consider what your body is capable of and there are many beautiful moments to experience over these 9 months as you bond with the tiny human you absolutely cannot wait to meet. But it’s not all butterflies and rainbows, that’s for sure, and I’m not about to tell you it is.

Between backaches and swelling feet, waddling instead of walking, nausea and insomnia, it’s hard to just feel comfortable, much less GOOD. Being a first-time mom, dealing with my changing body has been really difficult. I have no idea what to do with my sudden wideness and always-growing twin bump. It doesn’t help that I’m on the shorter side and all maternity pants seem to be made for Amazon women that have legs from here to next week. Pregnancy may not be all butterflies and rainbows and we may not all be blessed with supermodel length legs, but that doesn’t mean us short gals at a loss for what to do with our changing mommy-bodies can’t be chic and comfortable too!

Maternity clothes are expensive. With twins on the way, living on one income, and saving for a family vehicle as well as a house, there’s just no room left in the budget for a maternity wardrobe. Luckily, I’m a thrifty shopper and have gathered some tips and tricks for shopping on a tight budget! Part One is going to focus on my favorite stores and Part Two will show you some of my favorite pieces/outfits.

loft dress petite maternity style

1. LOFT sales can often lead to super chic pieces that are very budget-friendly

First of all, I’m in love with Ann Taylor LOFT. A huge part of my wardrobe is made up of LOFT labels. Their maternity line is full of adorable styles that are just as great quality as their non-maternity clothes. Unfortunately, the prices are just too high to be tight-budget friendly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t score some great LOFT pieces to make your wardrobe chic!

  • Watch out for their flash sales, extra 50% off everything deals, and clearance bargains. I’ve recently seen some tops and jeans for under $10!
  • Also, sign up for emails to be alerted to upcoming sales. Waiting for the right sale has allowed me to get some jeans, sweaters, and tops for under $20.

Some of my favorites are:

  • this black maxi dress,
  • flowy blouse that works for post-pregnancy as well,
  • and this great pair of ankle jeans. (I often find that ankle jeans end up fitting me like regular length jeans, which makes these a versatile choice since I can cuff them to wear as ankle jeans or leave them regular length!)

Also, let me say before I move on that the full belly band on LOFT jeans is by far the most comfortable I have ever found. It’s made of a sleek material that stays up, magically slims, and doesn’t get itchy.

2. Motherhood Maternity carries petite length pants and has the best t-shirts

While Motherhood Maternity can sometimes tend towards the pricey side, if you stick to the clearance racks and pay attention to the very frequent sales, you can get a good haul for a decent price. In addition, your first time as a new shopper scores you a goodie bag and all kinds of other deals every time you shop (I just got a $50 gift certificate!). While I’ve tried to steer clear of maternity stores for my pregnancy, I keep going back to Motherhood for the petite length pants and the BumpStart t-shirts. (These t-shirts are so soft, so cute, and so easy. I have multiple sizes and colors so I can wear them through my entire pregnancy).

I’ve seen a lot of maternity fashion blogs that claim you can go your entire pregnancy without buying maternity clothes and, while that may be possible, I say buy those maternity pants with the belly bands ASAP. Trust me. You will appreciate the comfort and the way they stretch in all the right places. At first I was determined to go my entire pregnancy without buying maternity pants, certainly not the full belly band pants, but as soon as I tried on a pair at Motherhood I was hooked.

Motherhood is one of the only places I have found short length pants for a decent price (on clearance for $15-$20 rather often). My all-time favorite maternity pants are these stretchy 5-pocket pants; I have them in black and gray and wear them CONSTANTLY. They feel like yoga pants and, let’s be honest, that kind of comfort is worth every penny.

3. Target is your place for maternity camisoles

I’m a huge Target fan; I use that Cartwheel app religiously and get mobile coupons delivered right to my phone monthly. It’s rare I go a week without stopping into Target at least once. When I first found out I was pregnant I was super pumped to shop the Target maternity section, but I was sadly disappointed during my first trip. There was a very small selection and none of the pants even came close to fitting right.

However, the BeMaternity seamless camisoles are an absolute essential in every maternity wardrobe. I think they’re pricey at $16.99, but I have found some on clearance for $6! I have black, white, and nude and I wear them under EVERYTHING. They’re sleek, comfortable, smoothing and great for layering.

4. eBay, baby!

Ask TwinDad; I am always searching eBay for great deals. Doesn’t matter what it is, I search for a deal on eBay whenever I need anything. It’s hit or miss and does take time, but can really be worth it. This is a great way to score some of those LOFT or designer A Pea in the Pod styles for great prices.

I also look for:

  • Motherhood Maternity styles,
  • Old Navy Maternity dresses,
  • Liz Lange for Target Maternity dresses, and much more.

Sizing for maternity clothes is usually as simple as XS, S, M, L, XL which, for me, makes it a lot simpler and easier to know I’m getting the right size. Just make sure you read all the listing details and try to stick with Top Rated Sellers…we work hard to get and keep that Top Rated status and you’re sure to get great service.

5. Consignment Stores are your friend

I love consignment stores. Not only do I love a good deal, but there’s too much waste in this world and it’s great to see unwanted fashions getting a second chance. We’ve all bought something on a whim we later regretted (I do it ALL the time). Instead of pitching it, try taking a bag of wardrobe rejects to a local consignment store. Not only can you score some cash, but you can give that item a second chance to find the right fit.

Two of my local consignment stores also carry maternity clothes. I’ve gotten some high-end maternity styles (some with tags still attached) for under $10. Even if your local consignment stores don’t carry maternity styles, the low prices encourage me (and hopefully you too) to be adventurous and find some non-maternity styles that work for your bump. I look for flowy blouses, maxi dresses and skirts, and wrap dresses…anything that has a bit of stretch. These pieces will be great for post-baby too!

Here’s a tip: don’t focus on the size because it might depress you if you’re anything like me. Keep in mind that those sizes are just numbers and your body is doing incredible things right now, even if you do feel like a wide whale. You can feel like a thrifty champion and take a second to appreciate your resourcefulness and love the body that is working so hard to grow a tiny human that is going to grow up to do amazing things.

In conclusion, there are some great stores out there that, if shopped right, can lead to a very chic and comfortable maternity wardrobe even if your budget is slim-to-none.

Where do you like to shop for budget fashions?


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